What are ORTHOTICS insoles?

Orthotics are devices inserted into shoes to provide support for the feet by redistributing ground reaction forces acting on the feet joints while standing, walking or running. This is achieved by realigning the ankle bones and foot to their natural position, thus allowing joints and muscles to move with less stress and tension. 

What are orthotics used for?

Podiatrists and chiropodists are using orthotics to treat foot pain, pathology such as plantar fasciitis, bunions pain, achilles tendonitis, diabetic foot ulcers, heel pain, shin splints, runners knee, ilio tibial band syndrome, plantar fascia, etc.

Orthotics are also used to correct foot position such as flat feet, high arches, internal walks and equally ankle and knee issues which are often a repercussion of a foot issue. An altered balance due to a foot problem can also be the cause of back pain.

Stepcare Clinic uses the Feet Print 5.0, the last generation of equipment to make orthotics and all insoles are made in our clinic on the day of the consultation. Our podiatrists are using an arch corrector to obtain a print of the foot and mold precise orthotics made to apply the specific correction necessary to improve the foot position and mobility. The variety in specifications and the precision in the making of each orthotic is the certainty of an appropriate treatment for each pathology.

Only one consultation is usually required and most of the insoles are light and thin, therefore it is not required to change your shoes, thus reducing the cost.

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